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SUNDAY: 9a.m.  All Levels Flo

MONDAY:  6p.m. All Levels Flo

TUESDAY:  7p.m.  All Levels Flo

WEDNESDAY:  6 p.m. All Levels Flo

THURSDAY: 7p.m. All Levels Flo

FRIDAY: 6p.m. Slo Heated Flo

SATURDAY: 9a.m.  All Levels Flo


ALL LEVELS:  Each class welcomes every level of practitioner.  If your just unwrapping that old yoga mat or a seasoned yogi, you're in the right spot! All students can experience a powerful practice from each of our instructors.  WE also tailor these classes to fit the needs of each student by offering modifications throughout your practice to ensure that students are safe, focused and finding their edge.

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