Just like having a fitness trainer or a career mentor, enlisting a pro to help light the way makes achieving your wellness goals a lot easier.

Starting a wellness journey can be daunting, especially if it entails making major lifestyle shifts, such as changing the way you eat, adopting a sleep hygiene routine or starting to exercise when you’ve been firmly planted on a couch.


Coaches ask powerful questions to explore their clients’ values and strengths; they support their clients as an ally, without judgment or criticism; and they offer accountability by helping their clients develop actionable health goals and a process for tracking and measuring them.

Health coaches are agents of change. Playing that role in someone’s life is an incredibly rewarding gift.  Let us help you get on track!

Shannon LaSpiina Audet eRYT 200, YACEP(owner, instructor,20 year yoga practitioner, and OCB pro wellness bodybuilder) will help guide you on your fitness journey with personalized meal plans/prep tips, goal setting, food journaling and devising a fitness plan to fit your lifestyle.